The HTNA is Australia’s peak professional body dealing with Nursing and Technical issues in the provision of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in the clinical setting.  We have a long history in representing the industry’s interests, in areas such as the development of Industry Guidelines and Australian and New Zealand Standard for clinical hyperbaric facilities (ANZS 4774.2).  

We also provide guidance for training requirements for Nursing and Technical staff working in the clinical hyperbaric setting. 

The HTNA provides a voluntary accreditation process for clinical hyperbaric facilities to submit their Nursing Training package for assessment, leading to HTNA endorsement.  We do this via our Nursing and Technical Training Committees, all the work for which is performed by volunteers.

We hold the only annual scientific meeting on diving and hyperbaric medicine in the South-West Pacific area.

To perform this important work, we rely heavily on support from our Corporate Members.  There are several levels of Corporate Membership, so if you are interested in participating in our Corporate Membership Program, please see the details in the Join HTNA section.