Hyperbaric Technicians And Nurses Association Annual Scientific Meeting Scholarship


The Hyperbaric Technicians And Nurses Association Annual Scientific Meeting Scholarship (The Scholarship), was previously known as the Baromedical Research Foundation Award, which was kindly donated, annually for 11 years, by Mr Dick Clarke; a well-known and respected leader in the hyperbaric medicine arena.


The Scholarship from 2016 is designed to assist two recipients, one Hyperbaric Nurse and one Hyperbaric Technician to attend a HTNA Annual Scientific Meeting. The Scholarship recipients will receive free registration to the ASM and free accommodation for the duration of the ASM.


1. People can self-nominate or be nominated by their peers.

2. Any nominees must be a Full Member of the HTNA, in good standing; and

a. Be relatively new to the field and someone who has already shown great promise (enthusiastic and self-motivated). Preference will be given to those who have made “significant” contributions (published a pertinent article, assisted in the generation of the standards or protocols for hyperbaric staffing, acted as faculty for related training programs, etc); or

b. Have been employed in the field of diving/hyperbaric medicine/technology for some time and have yet to attend the HTNA ASM (and the reason being lack of financial means rather than lack of interest). It would be considered that the early opportunity to attend the ASM might further motivate and stimulate this individual to achieve further technical and/or clinical advancement, or

c. Be a long-standing HTNA member who has worked tirelessly and without exception, to further the goals of the HTNA and to advance the field.

3. The recipient must agree to, in the calendar year of the scholarship:

a. Attend the HTNA Annual General Meeting

b. Deliver a presentation of the HTNA ASM

c. Submit a paper for publication in Offgassing


Nominations can be made by any HTNA Full Member but must be signed off by the nominee and at least one Hyperbaric Nurse, and one Hyperbaric Technical Officer from the nominee’s facility who are also Full Members of the HTNA. Nominations are made by completing the on-line nomination form (below) by 31st March, 2017. The justification statement on the nomination form must include mention of the selection criterion (above). The scholarship winners will be notified via email or phone on the 7th of April 2017 (or soon thereafter) and then noted in the next edition of Offgassing. An official presentation of the Scholarships will be made at the ASM.