Karl Price


Karl joined the Royal Australian Navy in 1978 as an aircraft technician.
I started diving in 1983, deciding this was for me, I successfully joined the Clearance Diving Branch, after a very demanding & enjoyable career I left the Navy in 1999 and moved my family to Tasmania, something we had longed for a very long time.

To cut a long story short, in 2001 I was fortunate to get a start at The Royal Hobart Hospital hyperbaric Unit, I have worked in casual, part time and permanent capacity, and as a member of the HTNA I have certainly enjoyed the staff, the working environment and the hyperbaric challenges we all face.

I am now focused on the new facility, new challenges, with an expansion of our direction into the altitude capability, wherever that may take us, I am looking forward to a safe “Hell Yeh” ride for the stars.

I am honoured to guide the HTNA into the future, together we will forge ahead into new ground.

Be Safe!

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