Clinical Director Rehabilitation Services, The Townsville Hospital

Tracey Symmons is a Rehabilitation Physician, and has been based at The Townsville Hospital for the last 10 years. In Townsville, the hyperbaric service and the rehabilitation service are not only close geographically – across the corridor actually - but also share a substantial number of patients and work very well together to get the best results for our patients. 

Tracey has a special interest in amputee rehabilitation and runs a busy interim and definitive amputee service. She is passionate about providing excellent services for our indigenous patients, and also works closely with the North Queensland spinal cord injury service and the stroke services. Prior to Townsville, she was the Deputy Director of a 100 bed Hospital in a remote part of the PNG highlands. Her work included doing many anaesthetics, education, and primary health care including wound care in a resource poor setting.

Tracey is the Chair of the Queensland Branch of the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine. She has completed a Masters of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, and now helps coordinate two Masters of Public Health subjects. She strongly believes that to get excellent outcomes, disciplines need to work together and value and understand each others role.